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Habit Angel


How many projects, courses or hobbies have you started in your life?

And being honest, how many did you complete to your satisfaction?

If you’re like most humans you will have completed a small amount of your big dreams and ideas, which is a shame.

But the reason that so many people start learning something new with good intentions but so often do not fulfil their expectations of what they will achieve usually comes down to one key aspect.

They never formed a habit of doing the activity for long enough.

What is a Habit Angel?

One thing we wanted to integrate in all our courses (as they are masterclasses in nature) is to ensure that people took steady steps to get through each course and to be motivated to keep going.

What is more we also wanted to help each student create habits that they can develop if they are wanting to utilise their knowledge on their own projects.

You see, while it’s always fantastic to get a certificate of achievement, or pass exams but the real benefits to education are putting it to good use.