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Philips UK Mothers day campaign

In this post I will be taking a quick look at a seasonal UK based mothers day campaign from Philips.

Is there danger doing a mothers day campaign not knowing if I actually have a mother?

I guess this is a calculated risk, I am pretty sure I never told them in any ways I can recall that I do or do not, so assume this is an educated guess based on my age, which they may have already based on purchases.

So what is good and bad about this campaign?

As you can see the email is nicely formatted, clear and design friendly, so a big thumbs up there.

Philips Mothers Day Segmentation

Nice imager, not too much text to get in the way of getting a decent CTR.

How did their segmentation email work?

After clicking the Foodie Mum category 1st I found the flow a little odd in that my landing page was not related to what I chose after the second click.

philips thank you

But from the wording on that 1st page, I assumed correctly that I will be getting an autoresponder/automation email with a list of foodie related mothers day gifts which you can see here.

Foodie Mum Email Philips Segmentation

Email automation works

Without the ability to segment and retarget to defined audiences you lose a huge chance to communicate more personally to your audience long-term.

Starting with a simple campaign like this Philips Mothers Day campaign is a great way to boost sales and also work out what you can talk about at a later point.

Do you segment your audiences already in your email marketing or find it hard to work out ways to re-engage with your list or maybe find using your chosen email software difficult to use?

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