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‘Let’s Talk’ with leading minds…

Enjoy interviews with leading minds in the start-up world, marketing, business, entrepreneurism and futurism

‘Growth Ain’t Easy’, don’t feel alone!

Some thoughts that I feel are best shared to help inspire or give guidance to us mere mortals on our start-up journeys!

Growth Ain’t Easy: Always Mastering Podcast

The podcast is positioned as an inspirational 1-1 chat with leading entrepreneurs.

People who have experience of what it takes to scale a successful business and (more) importantly what personal lessons they have learned on the way.

You see sometimes it’s a soft-skill that is needed to push through a pain or block rather than a practical or business related skill or ability.

Some Of The Visionaries We Have Lined Up:

The Legend of MOZ and SEO: Rand Fishkin (publisher of the illuminating “Lost and Founder’!)

Author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Hooked’: Nir Eyal (great insights for productivity here!)

…many more lined up soon!

The Core Show Formats

7 and Under: Wise tips about anything that might help you in your journey in business, life and marketing

Growth Ain’t Easy: Regular Interviews with inspirational people who have walked the walk and got the bruises to show (as well as the rewards!)